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Read What Some Mothers Have to Say...


"Cathy was seriously a godsend exactly when I needed one. My son was born early, and we struggled with breastfeeding from the beginning. I called L.A. Breastfeeding a week after his birth desperate for help getting him to eat properly. Cathy provided amazing support over the next month and, right away, she made an enormous difference in our life. She gave me tools, information, and understanding, all of which I needed. I am happy to report that my premature baby is now fat, happy, and a great nurser. I am so grateful to have called L.A. Breastfeeding that day and cannot endorse Cathy's services enough!"  -Brigid 


"Cathy's attention to detail on the issues at hand and potential future concerns provides not just a quick fix, but a thoughtful and holistic perspective on the situation." -Anya 


"I didn't realize breastfeeding was as complex as it is.  I'm really glad I took Cathy's class!  Knowing the stages and what to expect will help me feel confident that I am doing things correctly.  She makes things very comfortable for mamas, encourages questions and has dolls to demonstrate positions.  I always get more from doing instead of just watching.  After speaking with friends who did not take a class and relied on the nurses at the hospital, I think it's really important you take the class.  Otherwise, expect confusion, sore nipples and a feeling of incompetence when you take baby home."  -Carina 


"Cathy and her breastfeeding class was exactly what I was looking for on how and what to expect out of breastfeeding as a first time mom. 
I was about to take a hospital class when a fellow mom suggested I take LA Breastfeeding's class instead because of the fact that I can call Cathy for free advice once my baby is born if I'm having issues with nursing. That is a reassurance to me knowing I can have that one on one attention if I need it.  She goes over all steps on how to achieve a good latch, maintain milk, and various positions on holding the baby, so now I feel ready for my little one to come and start nursing.  Highly recommended for any first time mom!"  - Jennifer 



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