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L.A. Breastfeeding provides an array of services ranging from education classes to In-home and skype consults. Each service is taylored to meet the needs of the mother and baby first.  L.A. Breastfeeding strives to provide safe and confidential services in compliance with HIPPA privacy rules and COVID safety protocols. 

​Prenatal Breastfeeding Group 
2 Hour Class - $60

This is a 2-hour interactive breastfeeding class held in small intimate groups of no more than five mothers/couples.  The classes are held near Silver Lake where refreshments and light snacks will be offered.  The content of this class includes, but is not limited to: basic breastfeeding anatomy and physiology, positioning and latch, common concerns, work issues, nutrition, and pumps and equipment. The mothers should expect to participate using model babies and are encouraged to ask questions in order to gain the most from this class.  



​Prenatal Breastfeeding Private 
​​2 Hour In-home private class  - $120

The content and materials covered in this class are the same as the group class.  Basic breastfeeding anatomy and physiology, positioning and latch, common concerns, work issues, nutrition, and pumps and equipment are all topics discussed in this class.  This class is different in that it is offered in the comfort of your own home on a one to one basis.  This class is allotted more time for questions and practice that relate to the mothers specific concerns or situations.




Virtual Consultation
45 min session- $100

 The virtual consult can be useful for follow-up visits and for general questions related to latching and positions, pumping and nipple pain.  A virtual consult for an initial visit may be limited.  


In-Home Consultation 
​​Initial visit - $200 (2-3 hours)
Follow up visit up to 1 hr- $120 

During the initial home visit the Lactation Consultant will assess the history and birth story of the mother and baby, do a physical exam of the mother and baby, observe the mother and baby together and make appropriate suggestions based on these assessments.  The initial visit typically lasts  2-3 hours.  A follow-up visit will consist of re-evaluating prior suggestions and addressing any other concerns of the mother.

Education Courses-Group
2 Hour Class- $60

Back to Work & Your Breastfed Baby

This class will help prepare you for returning to work after your maternity leave.  This class will go over topics, which include pumping and storage, keeping up your supply, childcare, transitioning your breastfed baby to childcare, California breastfeeding laws and more.  This class is intended for the post partum period, but may be taken while pregnant. Out of respect for others, I kindly ask that you arrange for childcare during class time.

Weight checks & Scale Rental
In-home weight check- $25 (within 10 miles of 75228)
Scale rental- $80 per month (prorated for early return)

Do you need some peace of mind that your baby is getting enough?  I'd be happy to come to your home and weigh your baby with my sensitive medela baby weigh scale or you can rent one of my other senstive scales long term.

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