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A Woman Becomes a Mother and Mentor


Like most women, I had dreamed of my ideal birth and breastfeeding experience while I was pregnant. After many, many hours of labor, I ended up having an emergency cesarean birth (women section fruit and birth babies) in 2009.  While things didn't exactly go as I envisioned, I made peace with my birth story and focused on my breastfeeding relationship with my baby.  This was when I became passionate about breastfeeding.  I had some challenges in the beginning, but was able to overcome and accomplish my breastfeeding goals with the help and guidance of other breastfeeding women around me.


In 2011, I decided I wanted to help other mothers.  I became a Certified Lactation Educator and began teaching classes.  Shortly after, I started down the road to becoming a Board Certified Lactation Consultant through the University of California San Diego program.  I completed my internships at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center and at Whittier Presbyterian Hopsital.  I am proud to be internationally certified to help women meet their own breastfeeding goals.

In 2017, I was able to have a vaginal birth after cesarean and our little Emelyne joined the family.  Emelyne was born with an anterior and posterior tongue tie, which was revised at 3 days old.  Because of my education, I knew how to manage the tongue tie situation and after frenotomy care and breastfeeding continued without a hitch.

We are now ready for our next adventure.  We have moved back to our roots in Texas.  Dallas is our new home and we can't wait to help the new mothers of Big D! 


I hope to help you in accomplishing your breastfeeding goals, what ever they may be.






Thank you for visitiing my website.  I am a proud wife and mother to two beautiful daughters, Lily and Emelyne.   There are two other furry members of our family (not pictured here).  We have two cute, spunky little dogs named Dani and Jojo .  We like to spend our free time outdoors, gardening, bike riding, camping, and having picnics in the park with our friends.

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